What modern day item are you thankful for?

November 18, 2022

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As November progresses here at WeWash, we have been taking the time to think about both our country's history and all the things (& people) we have to be thankful for. Of course, most importantly, we are thankful for everyone who makes WeWash possible... from the support of our loved ones, to the hard work of our employees and especially the people who use and recommend our services- we wouldn’t be here without any of you. But beyond that we've been  thinking about all the technology we take for granted and how much easier our lives are because of them. For obvious reasons one of our top picks for things to be thankful for is the modern washing machine. Back in the 17th century we would have had to soak each item individually with soap and either paddled, beat or stomped the soap into the item before rinsing. Not only would our lives be much more difficult but something tells me our clothes get a lot cleaner using an agitator rather than our feet. Hoping the rest of Autumn goes well for everyone! 

We will be closed Wednesday, November 23-Sunday, November 27 so that the WeWash team can enjoy Thanksgiving with family. We will be ready on Monday, November 28 for all the clothes - stained or not, send them our way! Click here to schedule your pick-up! 


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