Wash & Fold Laundry Service Pricing - Pick-up & Delivery Pricing Per Pound | WeWash Laundry Co.

Simply schedule your laundry pick-up and WeWash will gladly take all your laundry right off your to-do list! Your laundry will be returned next day: fresh, clean, folded or hung - whatever you prefer!

Free pick-up & delivery!

  • There is a $35 minimum charge.
  • Comforters, quilts & large blankets are charged per item, not per pound. See below for pricing.
  • Detergents are included with your service at no additional cost. Luxury detergent scents are available for an upcharge: $5 for each 50 lbs
  • Washing items with excessive pet hair and/or soiling adds labor and resources to our process, therefore there's an additional .45 charge per lb.
  • Laundering only - no folding, is available for $1.75 per lb.
  • Steaming of clothing is available for $4 per item.

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$2.15 per lb for next-day service as needed. ($3.15 per lb for same day service)

$2.05 for bi-weekly or weekly recurring next-day service. ($3.05 per lb for same day service)

$1.75 for "no fold", wash and dry next-day service. ($2.75 per lb for same day, not fold service)

CUSTOMER DROP OFF/PICK UP: $2.05 per lb for customer drop off at WeWash and pick-up from WeWash. There is no minimum order fee for drop off/pick-up.

Larger items are charged per item*: 

  • Comforter: Twin $30
  • Comforter: Full/Queen/King $35
  • Quilt Bedding: Twin $22
  • Quilt Bedding: Full/Queen/King $27       
  • Mattress Pad: Twin $27
  • Mattress Pad: Full/Queen/King $32
  • Duvet Cover/Blankets: $17
  • Bath mat 21″ x 34": $5
  • Sheets or Tablecloths (wash & tumble dry): $2.15 per lb

*Large item prices are for next day service. For same day service, there is an additional $10 delivery fee Learn more or schedule here.



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