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Thinking of starting a Pick up & Delivery Laundry Business? Have a Wash & Fold Business that needs a boost? 

We opened WeWash 6 weeks before the pandemic started (February 2020). We were thrilled that WeWash was immediately embraced by the community and we launched with full routes. Once the pandemic began, our business slowed and we found ourselves doing it all: the driving, the washing, the folding, the customer service, the marketing… you name it, we’ve done it. It was our ultimate crash course in laundry and business owning. Because of our dedication, creative marketing strategies, great mentors & our amazing community of busy families, it’s been growing ever since.

We now have over 20+ employees, a rock star manager and a team of laundry lovers! (Hallelujah!) As owners, we still manage the daily customer service & marketing. It’s an absolute joy to hear from our customers, some who have busy families and welcome additional help, others that are handicap and value us as an “essential” part of their lives. We saw a need within our community and truly started this business to help people. 

Many fellow business owners have seen us on the industry leading YouTube podcast "THE STATE OF THE LAUNDRY INDUSTRY PODCAST":

Since then, we have provided consultation services to several businesses in all phases. If you're interested in scheduling a session, e-mail us at 

Consultation Rate: 

$150 for 60 minutes- this call includes Claudia & Stephanie 


Quotes from businesses that we've provided consultation services: 

"I just wanted to message and tell you how awesome you guys are! We immediately implemented the tools you guys taught us and almost 2 weeks later we were busy and trying to keep up with the loads. Pulled a few all nighters. Things are on the up and up. We are still in the growing stages; and can’t to see where we are in the coming months. We are so thankful for Wewash and all the knowledge that you ladies provided us. We looking forward to meeting again for more helpful tips. Thank you again."  

"Thank you both for visiting this morning. Great info, great ideas. Many thanks."

We are looking forward to working with you & helping you build a successful business, 

Claudia & Stephanie

WeWash Laundry Co. Founders