Spooky season has arrived, along with mysterious candy stains!

October 15, 2022

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You could immediately tell the Iowa weather agreed it was finally fall here at WeWash. With tank tops being replaced by big comfy sweaters and t-shirts making way for hoodies, but our absolute favorite sign was the uptick in spooky season gear. The pajama sets, the classic movie merch, and, of course, the beginnings of some very cute Halloween costumes. So far we’ve seen the beginnings of a couple princesses and even a mermaid, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing more.

But, whether you’re planning on passing out candy, escorting a young knight on their quest to find your neighborhood’s best source of chocolate, or staying in and cozying up with some spooky movies, WeWash is here to help with any and all chocolatey fingerprints when no one knows exactly how it got onto their costume. And if you find yourself in a sticky costume situation... we've got the trick for you:
***Make sure to get any extra candy off and then soak the affected area in cold water (you can even add a little bit of white vinegar or dish soap if you have some readily available).

That way when it comes time to do the stain treatment and laundering it will be ready. And afterwards, that sweet (or scary) costume will be ready for next October 31st, or any day in between when you’re feeling a little extra.

Happy Halloween WeWasher's!!

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