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WeWash Pricing

There's a new definition of "Laundry Day"!

Send us all your dirty laundry and you'll receive clean, fresh, folded (or hung) clothes back the very next day! It's time for you to get out of your laundry room and back to doing the important things.

Wash and Fold (Pick-up & Delivery included)

$2.15 per lb for next-day service as needed. ($3.15 per lb for same day service)

$2.05 for bi-weekly or weekly recurring next-day service. ($3.05 per lb for same day service)

$1.75 for "no fold", wash and dry next-day service. ($2.75 per lb for same day, not fold service)

CUSTOMER DROP OFF/PICK UP: $2.05 per lb for customer drop off at WeWash and pick-up from WeWash. There is no minimum order fee for drop off/pick-up.


Larger items are charged per item*: 

  • Comforter: Twin $30
  • Comforter: Full/Queen/King $35
  • Quilt Bedding: Twin $22
  • Quilt Bedding: Full/Queen/King $27       
  • Mattress Pad: Twin $27
  • Mattress Pad: Full/Queen/King $32
  • Duvet Cover/Blankets: $17
  • Bath mat 21″ x 34": $5
  • Sheets or Tablecloths (wash & tumble dry): $2.15 per lb

*Large item prices are for next day service. For same day service, there is an additional $10 delivery fee Learn more or schedule here.

Commercial Laundry Services

WeWash is ready to take all your laundry off your hands and allow you time to focus on your business. Providing exceptional laundry services and taking great care with your items has made us the best partner for local businesses. 

Call us at (515) 612-7788 or email us at today for a quote and more information. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your business and how we can help you keep your staff doing their jobs while we take care of the laundry – quickly, safely and to your specifications.