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Looking for a fresh, new fundraising idea?

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We've all supported the restaurant spirit nights (yum!), but have you offered a fundraiser that lightens the load? We have a perfectly, functional, fresh and clean idea for you!

WeWash is a locally founded laundry pick-up and delivery concierge service that's offering schools/teams/organizations a new way to fundraise. Here's how it works: 

  1. You choose a date Monday-Saturday for laundry pick-ups. 

  2. Promote, share, send emails and shout from the rooftop this AMAZING fundraiser that not only saves families time, they get their laundry done and support your fundraiser!

  3. WeWash will work our magic - picking-up the dirty clothes, washing, drying, folding to their specifications.

  4. And then, POOF - clean laundry is delivered back the next day.

  5. Lastly, but most importantly - you receive a nice check amounting to 20% of your route day's sales. 

$$ CHA-CHING! $$

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