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WeWash Laundry Co. ​Reviews and Testimonials

Don't take it from us that WeWash Laundry Co. is redefining laundry day.

Closing up shop means no time for laundry this week - FOR REAL. WeWash Laundry Co. saved the day for me! I scheduled the pick up, dropped it on my porch and ✨voila!✨ it appeared clean, folded and hung up on my porch the next day! SO. EASY. Where has this been all my life?

-Becky Pospisal

I never really realized just how much time laundry was taking up in my life until WeWash DSM hand delivered my laundry clean, folded to my specifications, closet items hung (even child size hangers!!!) and everything was so fresh and clean! I was called the laundry fairy in my house but now I have my own laundry fairies!! I also love the ease of the website for setting up my pick up/order. 

-Lindi Nelson

I want to do laundry this way for the rest of my life. 🧺 And by that, I mean, I want to schedule a @wewashlaundryco pickup and delivery time, set my dirty stuff on my front steps in a trash bag, and then wait for my laundry to get delivered back: washed, folded, and separated.
And apparently I left $30 cash in my pocket. 🤦🏻‍♀️ They gave that back to me too in a tiny envelope.
My son exclaimed “wow! They even fold my socks the right way! Much better than you.”😑
So thank you @wewashlaundryco for taking care of my dirty laundry and literally teaching me the proper way to fold my son’s socks. 

-Kara Knaack

We LOVE WeWash!! Our weeks around The Seifert Household stay pretty full with kids’ activities, careers, and preserving quality family time too! WeWash brings back balance to all of that! You don’t realize how much time laundry really takes until all you have to do is stuff your dirty laundry in some bags, set them out for pick up, and next day receive fresh, perfectly folded, clean clothes dropped back off at your doorstep! Outsourcing our laundry to WeWash has been a game changer for sure! 

-Alicia Seifert

I LOVE WeWash DSM! I have a family of 7 and I work nights so it has been amazing to not have to stress about laundry piling up. The staff is great and the communication is fabulous. I receive text reminders about pick-ups and drop offs. I highly recommend this service!!! 

-Stephanie Koos