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April 25, 2023

Mothers Day 2023

Hey WeWashers! Long time no chat. It's been busy and we are loving it! 

We hope you’re having a wonderful spring whether it’s one of our Summer-feeling days (hooray) or one of our Winter-feeling days (boo). We are especially looking forward to Mother’s Day and hoping it falls on one of the nice days. As a company started by two moms, a day that recognizes the maternal figures in our lives is something that is near & dear to our hearts. 

We mamas work so hard for everyone around us and often times forget about ourselves. So this Mother's Day, we sincerely hope you get to do something that brings YOU joy. Take the walk alone, listen to a podcast while laying in the sunshine or snuggle your kiddos up while they still let you! Or place a laundry pickup at www.wewashlaundryco.com and take a nap! 

And as you continue doing ALL the things, coat washing is in our near future (hopefully sooner rather than later)... here's our friendly tip: throw a handful of tennis balls in the dryer with the down-filled winter coats, the balls will keep the coat nice and fluffy for our next cold snap. 

Be sure to take care of YOU! Remember whose oxygen mask goes on first 😘


Claudia & Steph

PS- keep an eye on our social media accounts, we have one heck of a giveaway publishing soon, you won't want to miss it!! 

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