It's back... ONE DAY ONLY!

March 22, 2024

Comforter Wash Sale

🤩It's BACK!!!!! One weekend only: April 6th! $25 comforter washes 🙀

The last comforter sale was such a hit, we thought let's do it again! All comforters will be picked up from your home on Saturday, April 6th, washed & dried and returned back to your doorstep on Monday, April 8th!

✨ Standard Comforter Wash & Dry Sale ✨
🚚 Saturday, April 6th pick up, Monday, April 8th
💰 For just $25* (Savings of $20!!!)

Upgrade your slumber sanctuary with our luxury laundry scents:
🌸 Choose "Diva" for an elegant, feminine touch
🌲 Opt for "Cedarwood" for a robust, masculine feel

Let us help you say farewell to dusty comforters and hello to the clean & fresh bedding you deserve. 🛌💫

*Offer applies to comforters only. Schedule your Saturday April 6th pick up. Enhance your experience with our luxury scents for just an additional $5, or include stain treatment for an extra $5.

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